Cash Advance Financing

Cash Advance – Small Business Funding Overview

Many small businesses find it challenging to secure traditional financing for working capital, inventory, expansion, marketing and other necessary professional expenses. Westar works directly with business cash advance programs that are able to provide reliable financing options for businesses seeking SBA loans, credit lines, equipment leasing, and business loans.

Through these cash advances, Westar is able to help offer unsecured business financing to companies engaged in renewable fuels, energy efficiency, biochemicals, oil and gas service companies, food and fiber manufacturing, infrastructure, and many other types of businesses in need of working capital.

How It Works

We simply buy a small, fixed percentage of your future credit card sales, and advance that money to you up front. Even if you do not accept credit cards at your business, we can provide you with financing based on your total monthly revenue with our B2B Cash Advance program.

Traditional lenders providing small business loans have lengthy processes which can get very pricey. Additionally, approximately 93% of all retail merchants do not qualify for a bank loan. With a cash advance passed by Westar, there are:

  • No hidden fees
  • No lengthy loan process
  • No collateral needed
  • No tax returns needed (<$50K)
  • No startup costs
  • No perfect credit requirements
  • NO late fees
  • NO personal liability


  • Avoid the process of applying for a traditional loan, which could take months if approved
  • Ability to turn your future sales into cash you can use today