Government Financing

Westar has extensive experience and proven record in identification, application process and procurement of grants, loan guarantees, US and foreign tax credits and other government programs and other incentives to provide additional financial support, market accessibility, and increased financial leverage for equity investments including USDA, DOE, DOD, SBA, ExIm Bank, OPIC, and International Development Banks.

Westar specializes in "layering" multiple financing sources in order to achieve successful commercialization. We possess expertise in identifying and securing all sources of public & private financing available for a multitude of projects, including:

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Grant Writing

Westar Trade Resources has successfully obtained over $900 million in grant funds for clients from public and private sources. Sources of funding for your project include:

  • Government funding at the local, regional, state and national levels.
  • Private foundation and corporate resources.

Services for our clients include:

  • Development of program concepts and implementation strategies that adhere to guidelines detailed in grantor requests for proposals.
  • Assembly of information (including project nature, objectives/outcomes/deliverables, implementation, methods, timetable, staffing, budget, standards of performance, and evaluation) to meet all requirements of the request for proposal guidelines.
  • Drafting, revising and editing of proposal documents.
  • Establishing priorities to meet proposal deadlines and target dates for information gathering, document preparation, document review and approval.
  • Monitoring and developing a work timeline to meet proposal deadlines by establishing priorities and target dates for information gathering, document preparation, document review and approval.

Governmental Liaisons

There are few challenges in today's business world which are more complicated and overwhelming than dealing with government. With layers of bureaucracy at federal, state and local levels, companies often find themselves lost as they seek to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Without an experienced guide, all too often, little or nothing is accomplished and opportunities are missed.

Westar Trade Resources can be your guide to helping you forge ahead with your company's agenda - a guide to helping you understand and master the complexities of government, a guide to helping you achieve your goals. Whether those goals be new legislation, an appropriation, input into Congress, the Executive Branch or regulatory agencies, or even an expansion of existing business opportunities, Westar Trade Resources has the experience and knowledge of how government works, and an in-depth understanding of politics which shape policies that impact private industry on a day to day basis.