"Project Finance Strategies During Tough Times" Series

Feel free to watch any or all of the webinar sessions exploring different strategies and avenues for project financing, including:

  • Successful DOE and USDA grant submission techniques

  • Leveraging assets to provide up to 100% project financing

  • Leasing program for municipalities that can leverage ARRA funds for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

  • The Government’s Role in Clean Energy Future

  • Strategies for successfully obtaining USDA loan guarantees

Episode Summaries

Session #1 - How to Write a Winning Grant Application

President Cindy Thyfault will discuss successful strategies for submitting DOE and USDA grants. Westar Trade Resources has successfully completed over $85 million in grants.  Joining her on the panel will be representatives from our two most recent DOE awardees in August 2009, including Carol Wolfinger, East Penn Manufacturing Company ($32.5 million award) and Gary McChesney, FutureFuel Chemical Company ($12.5 million award).

Session #2 - Leveraging Hidden Assets to Provide Project Financing

Learn how to provide up to 100% project financing using a proprietary financing program offered by White Rock Advisors, LLC. This can be used as an external capita l source for both new and established companies, with terms more favorable than equity, bank and subordinated debt. Approximat ely $3 billion has been placed so far utilizing this program.

Session #3 - Financing to Leverage ARRA Funds for Municipalities

The ARRA Community Development Block Grant Program and the USDA ARRA Rural Community Facilities Program are both providing funding to municipalities to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements; however, these funds may not cover all of the funding required.Greg Hext, Bernie Carrico and Cindy Thyfault will discuss how the White Rock Advisors Municipal Leasing Program can be used to provide funding to leverage other source of funding to complete municipal projects.

Download the recorded webinar here.

Session #4 - Government's Role in the March Toward a Clean Energy Future

Learn valuable tips and strategies from Paul Dickerson, a recognized leader and sought-after speaker on issues of clean tech and energy efficiency, launched Haynes and Boone’s Clean Tech practice group in 2008. Paul, a partner who offices in the firm’s Houston and D.C. offices, returned to the firm to launch the group, a new concentration for the firm that builds upon the firm's broad experience in intellectual property, litigation, technology, financing and many other legal issues that companies in the nascent industry must face.

Session #5 - How Can I Successfully Complete a USDA Loan Guarantee Award?

Chris Cassidy, Renewable Energy Advisor, US Dept. Agriculture, will be discussing USDA loan guarantee and grant programs, including the 9003 Bioenergy Loan Guarantee program and the 9007 REAP Program, and discussing key elements for a successful loan guarantee application.