“Financing Renewable Energy Projects Around the World” Series

Westar will hosted a complimentary webinar series, “Financing Renewable Energy Projects Around the World,” to discuss the various financing programs and international funding opportunities in more detail. The series will feature expert speakers from several countries and present financing opportunities in key global markets, including: Australia, Canada, the European Union, and Brazil. 

To watch recorded webinars, please click on the links to the right.

Episode Summaries

"Current Developments in the EU Aviation and Biofuels Industries"

“Building Bridges between U.S. and European Aviation and Biofuels Initiatives” will feature Lukas Rohleder, Head of Political Communications and Public Relations at the Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany, Rich Altman, Executive Director of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, Dennis Leong, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Business Development of Chemtex Global S.A., and Cindy Thyfault, Founder and CEO of Westar Trade Resources. Rohleder, Altman, and Thyfault will provide a discussion of their respective programs, the goals for the cooperative efforts highlighted by a joint conference and exhibition to be held this September in Berlin. Leong will also provide an overview of the Chemtex technology, discuss the current status of projects in Italy, and share highlights on plans for the first industrial scale cellulosic plant to be running in 2012.

"Building Biofuels Partnerships and Financing Clean Energy Projects in Canada"

In “Building Biofuels Partnerships and Financing Clean Energy Projects in Canada,” David Minicola of Sustainable Development Technology Canada will discuss funding opportunities available through SDTC. SDTC finances and supports the development and demonstration of clean technologies through the operation of two funds—the SD Tech Fund and NexGen Biofuels Fund— which are intended to bridge the critical funding gaps in the innovation chain. This webinar will also feature Dr. Murray McLaughlin of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance of Canada. Dr. McLaughlin will be share key insights on developing projects, building partnerships with Canadian businesses, and site selection for renewable energy projects in Canada.

"Shaping Australia's Energy Future: Discussion on Policy Development

and Funding Opportunities for Renewable Energy Projects"

Recent policy changes and an increasing demand for energy have positioned Australia's clean energy sector for future growth. Susan Pond, of Australia's United States Studies Centre, will discuss recent developments in the renewable energy sector, forthcoming environmental legislation, and funding opportunities available in Australia.

"Continuing Growth of Renewable Energy in Latin America: Discussion on the projects, policies, and funding opportunities in Brazil"

In 2011, Latin America experienced the fastest growth of any region in the world—a 21% percent increase from the previous year with a total of $63.1 billion in clean energy investments. Brazil was a leader in the region with a total investments increasing by 15%. “Continuing Growth of Renewable Energy in Latin America: Discussion on the projects, policies, and funding opportunities in Brazil” will focus on the Who, How, and Why Brazil and Latin America are at the forefront of renewable energy development. Diego Nyko and Artur Milanez of the Brazilian Development Bank’s Biofuels Department will join us to discuss BNDES’ renewable energy initiatives, projects, and funding opportunities in Brazil.