USDA Environmental Review Process

In order to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable environmental requirements, all proposed actions undertaken by Rural Development in all program areas, are required to complete an environmental review process.

Applicants at the earliest possible time shall provide sufficient information, for RD to determine the type of environmental review to be conducted. Rural Development will work with the applicant to obtain comments and reviews from other agencies when required and prepare Categorical Exclusions. Categorical exclusions without an Environmental Report, Class I and Class II assessments as appropriate.

Additional Information using Form RD 1940-20 and attachments will be obtained from the applicant to complete Class I and Class II assessments, under 1940-G. An Environmental Report (ER) will need to be prepared by the applicant's consultant in case of Categorical Exclusions with ER and Environmental Assessments, under 1794.

Agencies got together and developed a Uniform Environmental Review (UER) process to eliminate conflicts and save time in preparing multiple documents under different agencies' criteria. The ER prepared under the Uniform Environmental Review process is acceptable to EPA, DEP, PENNVEST< DCED, RUS (RD) and HUD.

For more information, contact or 214-320-0900.

Download Form RD 1940-20 here.