Organic, Natural Food and Fiber Products

Organic, Natural Food and Fiber Products

Great Plains Organic Herb Cooperative, Manhattan, KS  Worked to develop a business plan and a farmer cooperative to produce and market herbs to the medicinal and organic market. 

Lamb Marketing Specialties — Conducted  feasibility study, business plan and marketing plan and developed  a  cooperative  to  market  hair  sheep  meat  and  hides  for  the  Texas  Hair  Sheep Association.   Currently serving as marketing director and coordinating sale of products.  Wrote a 2005 USDA VAPG Working Capital Grant, which was awarded for over $94,000.

Maverick Ranch Natural Meats, Denver, CO Business development and grant writing efforts.  Maverick Ranch is one of the largest /companies in the U.S. selling natural beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.  Worked to develop additional plants for processing natural beef.

Nature’s Broom of America, Inc., Greenville, MS — Business plan and financial consulting for the production of a natural biodegradable absorbent for oil spills and shop grease.

Preferred Bird of Texas, Austin, TX — Currently conducting a feasibility study   and   business   plan   and   assisted   the   client   in obtaining marketing contracts for pastured poultry, as well as a 2005 USDA VAPG for over $30,000.

“Cindy Thyfault not only was responsible for Preferred Bird of Texas getting the grant we did but followed the project until it was complete.  She was truly interested in how we were doing and offered her knowledge, pro bono, in solving problems and making suggestions. We like her and would recommend her services.”

Collier Perry, Owner

Preferred Bird of Texas

Texas Best Organics, China, TX Business plan, feasibility study, business development, grant writing and marketing consulting for Best Organics.  The company specializes in organic rice, and opened a new line producing organic rice flour. Grant proposal for the 2004 USDA Value Added Producer Grant program resulted in a $150,000 grant award. 

"We saw the profit potential in a new product, but needed additional working capital to develop it. Cindy was able to help us quickly and easily obtain a USDA working capital grant, and helped walk us through all the procedures to collect it. This has allowed us to develop our marketing campaign and successfully compete for the new business." 

Cecil Slack, Owner

Texas Best Organics