Meat and Seafood Processing

Meat and Seafood Processing

Allendale Beef, Allendale, MI  Feasibility study and business plan for $15 million cooperative cull cow slaughter and processing facility in Roswell, New Mexico, for. Conducted extensive procurement research in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma.    

Avery Foods — Conducted feasibility study, business plan and marketing plan and was instrumental in developing a new shrimp processed product made from gulf shrimp harvested by local shrimp producers.  Developed design of a $2 million plant to  process  shrimp  and  made  initial  marketing  contacts  with  Sysco  and  HEB  grocery  stores. Prepared  a  2006  USDA  Value  Added  Producer  Grant  application,  which  was  awarded  for $150,000.

“Cindy was able to see my vision for a new product and help me find the technology and markets that could implement it.  Her contacts in the industry, ability to see the big picture, and development of key strategies for each business area, were crucial in getting my new project through the planning stage and into initial production.”

Bernabe Aparicio, Owner

Avery Foods

Bowers Shrimp, Palacios, TX  Feasibility study, business plan and $300,000 USDA Value- Added Producer Grant application.

Bowers  Catfish,  Palacios,  TX Feasibility  study,  business  plan  and $300,000  USDA  Value- Added Producer Grant application.

CVR,  Oklahoma  City,  OK   Feasibility  study  and  business  plan  for  $12  million  finish  cattle  and  cull  cow  slaughter  and processing  facility  for  CVR. Completed survey of feedlots in Oklahoma, Southern Kansas, and North and West Texas and conducted an in-depth procurement analysis.  Worked with several branded beef programs, national restaurant chains, and other alliance groups to develop marketing and procurement opportunities through these programs. Developed a business plan to form an alliance partnership with Express Beef, which resulted in a new branded beef procurement and marketing program.

Double J Meats, Pierce, CO  Developed a business plan and assisted the company in securing a $1 million loan to expand the processing floor.

Express Meats, Oklahoma City, OK Business plan for $15 million beef carcass processing facility.  This project incorporated the current business of Express Meats with future sales to customers of Prairieland, Arkansas City, and other potential markets.

“In addition to my role as CFO for Express Meat Co., Inc, I have also been a partner in a CPA firm for 16 years. I have seen many business plans over the years and thought the one Cindy prepared was the best I had ever seen. We were under a tight timeframe for completion of the business plan and she delivered the completed product within our deadlines.”

Sherry Dale, CPA

CFO, Express Meat Co.

Harper Beef Processors, Harper, KS  Business plan and feasibility study for Harper Beef Processors. Develop and renovate existing processing facility for slaughter and further processing.

Highlander Poultry and Meats of Texas, Lubbock, TX  Business audit and management re-structuring for.   Grant proposal, 2004--$50,000 grant awarded by Market Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas.

“Cindy opened up a whole new world to me by accessing and acquiring grants for my company that has had a major impact on my bottom line.  Her style is soft, but results-driven; and also creative, insightful, and resourceful, yet cost effective.”

Jeff Highlander, President & Entrepreneur

Highlander Poultry & Meat of Texas, Inc.

Lubbock, Texas

Holder Brothers Beef, Atlus, OK — Feasibility study and Value Added Producer Grant for natural beef retail outlets; awarded $300,000.

Lamb Marketing Specialties  Conducted  feasibility study, business plan and marketing plan and developed  a  cooperative  to  market  hair  sheep  meat  and  hides  for  the  Texas  Hair  Sheep Association. Prepared  a  2005  USDA  Value  Added  Producer  Grant  application,  which  was awarded for over $94,000.

“Cindy helped us to quickly and easily develop a strategy and a business model to obtain a USDA grant and form a marketing co-op.  She was able to help us open doors and move quickly to take advantage of timely niche marketing opportunities that will increase our profitability and accomplish our goals.” 

Clinton Hodges, President

Lamb Marketing Specialties

Maverick Ranch Natural Meats, Denver, CO  Business development and grant writing efforts for Maverick Ranch, one of the largest companies in the U.S. selling natural beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.  Worked to develop additional plants for processing natural beef.

Red Rock Premium Beef, Hydro, OK - Preparation of a USDA Value-Added Grant application to expand its natural beef product market opportunities.  The company was awarded $48,415 in 2014.

Texas Aquaculture Cooperative, Markham, TX — Feasibility study, business plan and preparation of a 2008 USDA Value-Added Grant Application. The company   was   awarded $300,000 through the USDA grant program.

Three H Cattle Company, Clarendon, TX — Feasibility Study, business plan, and preparation of a 2012 USDA Value-Added Grant application to expand its natural beef product market opportunities.

Quality  Beef Producers Cooperative, Adams County, WI Feasibility study, business plan, offering documents, financing, and on-going consulting services for $30  million  finish  cattle  and  cull  cow  slaughter  and  processing  facility. 

“The time, expertise and skill of Westar Trade Resources have been an invaluable asset to me as we have planned and executed the goals of this project.”

Randy Jones, Chairman

Quality Beef Producers Coop.

Zanios Foods, Albuquerque, NM  Grant proposal for $150,000 grant awarded by Market Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas.