American Recovery & Reinvestment Grant Projects

East PennTwo Westar Trade Resources clients were among the 48 recipients of funding for new advanced battery  and  electric  drive  projects  that will receive  $2.4  billion  in funding  under  the American Recovery  and Reinvestment  Act. A $32.5 million grant was given to East Penn Manufacturing Co.,  as  well  as  a $12.6  million  grant  awarded  to  FutureFuel  Chemical  Company;  both  were prepared and submitted by Westar Trade Resources.

In addition, East Penn Manufacturing Company also received a $2.6 million award from the DOE Recovery Act Smart Grid Demonstration Grant program. 

“Our Company, East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc, was presented with an opportunity   to apply for Federal Stimulus money; however, we had very little experience in applying for a government grant. Westar Trade Resources came highly recommended   to us as having the experience to get the job done. We hired them and   they   arrived   the   next week ready to work and Westar completed the project on time and did an excellent job.  We were completely satisfied with their work product and their ability to understand our business in a very    short    period    of   time.     I   have    no   reservations    about    recommending    Westar.”

Chris Pruitt, Executive Vice President/CFO

East Penn Manufacturing Co, Inc 

$32.5 million DOE Grant Awarded August, 2009 

"Cindy and the staff at Westar Trade Resources are professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, and dedicated.  They have been valuable partners in the various renewable energy and bio-based product projects that we have considered.  Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer.  Cindy has always provided insightful guidance and analysis.  The Westar Trade Resources staff has successfully achieved every project objective and met all project deadlines."   

Gary McChesney, Chief Technology Officer

FutureFuel Chemical Company

July 2009