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Durra Building Systems, LLC, Whitewright, TX Business plan, feasibility study, business development, and marketing consulting for $4 million strawboard plant. Assisted in negotiating the contract with Ortech Industries, Melbourne, Australia to purchase the equipment, technology, and the manufacturing rights for the Western Hemisphere.   Assisted in the layout building and equipment, hiring management, and worked as the marketing director from 2000-2003 to assist in developing   national   and   international   sales,   public   relations,   new   product   research   and development, and plant expansion.  Grant awarded for the USDA Value Added Producer Grant Program, 2002 ($137,000), 2004 ($150,000), and 2005 ($100,000).

"Ms. Thyfault was extremely helpful in the initial planning and start-up of the company because of her previous experience with value-added agricultural projects. She was also very resourceful in her suggestions, as the initial business plan had to be revised to meet financial requirements and budget requirements."

Jack Norman, President
Durra Building Systems, LLC

Stramit USA, Perryton, TX – Business plan, business development, and management consulting for $3 million cooperative strawboard manufacturing plant.  Services included serving as CEO for the project from 1995-1996. Obtained a $500,000 grant from the Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation, USDA, 1995.