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Free Biofuels Digest Webinar - USDA Section 9003 Loan Guarantees, Feasibility Studies and Technical Evaluation - Tuesday, January 12, 12:00 pm EST

Posted by Cindy Thyfault

From the Desk of Jim Lane, Editor:

Last week, I had a webinar on Loan Guarantees, and the response was amazing, and especially the follow-up requests for more understanding of Feasibility Studies, Technical evaluations and more.

So, I've set up a follow-on webinar for next week to address further topics aimed at helping you get your board of directors, senior management team, investors and partners focused on the right winning strategy during a loan guarantee process such as Section 9003. 

We'll look at questions such as: 

  • What is the Purpose of the Feasibility Study?
  • How can I know if my project is feasible? What should I look for in choosing a feasibility study consultant?
  • What does a successful proforma look like when oil prices are so low and predictions of future pricing so unpredictable?
  • Why won't lenders talk to me? (Recommendations and pointers from prior successful clients and what lenders really want before they will consider your project for funding.)
  • Is my project technically ready? (Understand the role of the Independent Engineer and the status of your pilot and integrated demonstration testing and how this will affect your application.)
  • Deal Jeopardy - what are some common application pitfalls?

Experts who know the process inside out.


I've invited three experts that I know and trust to join me in this ABLC series webinar.

Tuesday, January 12th at 12-1ET

 To join me for this free webinar just click on the links here, or below. It'll be the best hour you'll invest all week if you are seeking project funding or planning to do so in the future.

My co-presenters are:


 Cindy Thyfault and Westar have a 21 year track record of assisting companies to access over $1.2 billion in federal loan and grant applications.  Westar has also assisted 14 companies with feasibility studies and successful loan guarantee applications for the 9003 Program since its inception in 2009, including Sapphire Energy, Ensyn, Fulcrum, and Cool Planet.

MIKE McCURDYMM_Headshot.jpg

Leidos  is a FORTUNE 500 scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy and the environment, critical infrastructure, and health. The Company's approximately 40,000 employees serve customers in the U.S. Government and selected commercial markets.  Leidos has also worked on many successful 9003 applications, including Sapphire Energy, Cool Planet, and Ensyn.


The USDA's Section 9003 Program is designed  to build the bridge for "first of a kind" comercialization for renewable chemical and biobased product manufacturing. The 9003 Program provides loan guarantees up to $250 million. Eligible applicants seeking to construct or retrofit biorefineries to produce advanced biofuels and renewable chemicals are encouraged to apply. The 9003 Program also provides financial assistance to eligible biobased product manufacturing facilities that convert biobased outputs of biorefineries into end-user products on a commercial scale. 

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Best regards,

Jim Lane

Editor & Publisher

The Digest



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