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Thyfault Appointed to Department of Commerce Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee

Posted by Cindy Thyfault

Cindy Thyfault PhotoCindy Thyfault, Founder and CEO of Westar Trade Resources, has recently been appointed to the Secretary of the Department of Commerce's Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC). 

The RE&EEAC will advise and provide recommendations to the United States Department of Commerce Secretary on matters concerning:

  • Competitiveness issues facing U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency exports;

  • Development and administration of programs and policies to expand U.S. renewable energy;

  • Trade policy negotiations relating to U.S. energy efficiency exports; and

  • Policies of foreign governments impacting the export of U.S. energy services and technologies.

The 37 committee members represent U.S. companies, trade associations, and private sector organizations with activities focused on the competitiveness of U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency goods and services. 

Upon its launch in 2010, the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Export Initiative demonstrated the U.S. government's strong commitment to the competitiveness of U.S. clean energy exporters globally. The committee has now expanded its initial focus of solar, wind and energy efficiency to include biofuels in its scope.

Cindy commented that "it is an honor to serve with the other distinguished committee members to forge and strengthen opportunities internationally for all forms of renewable energy.  As I have traveled around the world these last few years promoting the deployment of advanced biofuels and new technologies, I have seen first-hand the need and the impact that this growing industry can have for US exporters as well as developing countries hungry for a stable source of fuel and electricity.  I look forward to working with technology providers and acting as a liaison for creating and developing best practices and new opportunities."

Cindy Thyfault has over 27 years business experience in development, management and funding of bioenergy projects, food and fiber manufacturing, oilseed manufacturing, green building products and residential and industrial construction, both domestically and internationally.

Ms. Thyfault currently serves on the Business Development Committee for the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI), in which she is the international finance lead.  In this position, she advises board members and other worldwide aviation fuel development associations on best practices and strategy regarding aviation fuels technology development, commercialization, and financing.

Ms. Thyfault also currently serves as one of 35 members worldwide on the Sustainable Alternative Fuels for Aviation (SUSTAF) for the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, which was created in 1944 to promote the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation throughout the world.

Ms. Thyfault's company, Westar Trade Resources, is an international financial consulting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, known for the development, marketing, and funding of start-up & expansion of new businesses both domestically and internationally. The depth of projects has extended to all forms of renewable energy and bioproducts, food and fiber manufacturing, green building products, import-export manufacturing, commodity trading, real estate, and other sustainable, transformational technologies.

Westar has assisted companies with obtaining over $900 million in USDA, DOE, and Export-Import Bank, OPIC and other international and government assisted funding programs.
In addition, Westar is known both nationally and internationally for its work in developing innovative bond finance structures that can assist companies worldwide to fund commercial facilities for biofuels, biochemicals, renewable electricity, and water and wastewater projects.

For more information about the scope of the committee and its members, please visit the following:

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