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State in India Plans New Solar Power Park

Posted by Melissa Delgado
Written by Michelle Erbeyi

Solar Energy

India has substantial solar energy resources and with lucrative business opportunities in clean energy. With more government involvement and funding opportunities in stimulating R&D and investments in the solar energy sector, India is witnessing a steady grow of solar energy projects. Gujarat, a state in western India, has been the hub of solar projects recently with the state surpassing the targets for installed solar power generation capacity. Gujarat accounts for approximately 60 percent of total solar power capacity in India (600 MW of about 1,000 MW).

There is growing interest in developing solar projects and other states are now looking to set up large solar energy parks.  The southern state of Karnataka recently announced plans to set up a 500-MW solar power park. The project will be modeled on the project in Gujarat, which has been regarded as a success. Karnataka intends to install 200 MW of solar power capacity over five years (Source: http://cleantechnica.com/2012/06/04/another-indian-state-planning-500-mw-solar-energy-park/). 

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