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Growing Potential for Use of Biofuels Co-Products

Posted by Melissa Delgado
Written by Michelle Erbeyi

Scientists from Texas AgriLife Research have found some interesting results in a three-phased bioenergy study supported by the Department of Energy as a component of the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuel and Bio-Products—angus steers enjoyed eating an algae biofuel byproduct!

cattle feed

While algae isn’t a typical cattle feed, researchers found that the algea co-product (algae powder leftover after oil extraction) was widely accepted by the cattle in the study. The algae co-product containing 20 percent crude protein was blended with dried distiller’s grains (31 percent crude protein) or cottonseed meal (52 percent crude protein).

According to Dr. Tryon Wickersham, Texas AgriLife Research animal nutrition scientist, and graduate student, Merritt Drewery, the co-product was introduced at several percentage blends, but “the algae could be blended up to 60 percent with distiller’s grains or cottonseed meal, but as a liquid supplement or alone, intake was markedly reduced.”

The study is a novel direction in uses of algae biofuel co-products and further highlights the interconnectedness of sustainability, renewable energy, and agriculture. For a complete summary of the study, please visit: http://www.thevindicator.com/news/article_c2219bec-a8cb-11e1-9c09-0019bb2963f4.html


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