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2012 Farm Bill Energy Title Budget Recommendations

Posted by Laina Rose

Westar Trade Resources Releases it's 2012 Farm Bill Energy Title Budget Recommendations

Farm BillIn the last several years the U.S. has gone from importing 60 percent of its oil to 52 percent as a result of the rapid expansion of the biofuel industry.  As a result of biofuel production, Americans also pay about 90 cents less for gas than they would otherwise pay. 

It is important to pursue this next generation of advanced biofuels by helping communities and companies invest to build biorefineries, fund regional research, and help farmers to establish biofuel crops.  The USDA Energy Title assists the farmers, ranchers, and businesses taking risks to pursue those new opportunities, and also helps to establish the infrastructure to put renewable fuel in all of America's gas tanks. 

To read about the current funding issues and programs shaping the renewable energy industry click here to download the full Report and Recommendations published by Westar Trade Resources.

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