Laina Rose - Marketing Director

Laina RoseLaina Rose has worked in marketing and creative industries for the past 9 years. She has worked in the television, film and marketing industries from creation to production.

Ms. Rose has also worked for several years to promote business in sustainable technologies, including; building materials, construction, agricultural products, and consumer goods and private financing. She helps to target specific demographics using contemporary media and outreach. Ms. Rose was also a founder of EcoLogic, LLC, a leader in biodegradable plastics, which produces and distributes the biodegradable additive, Eco-One.

While working in the entertainment industry, Ms. Rose oversaw personnel, created production documents, organized casting events, and conducted research. She helped to cast and produce shows centered on celebrities, housewives and everything in between. Ms. Rose’s diverse background has enabled her to understand how to capture any audience using various forms of marketing and media.