Giving Back

The Ugandan American Partnership Organization

Westar Trade Resources has selected The Ugandan American Partnership Organization (The UAPO), a non-profit organization that addresses poverty through sustainable development and fosters cross-cultural fellowship and learning, as its charity of the year. Westar would like to highlight its work and also encourage you to make a DONATION.

describe the imageOver the years, The UAPO has worked to expand and deepen its presence in the country through rural initiatives.

The UAPO has done a tremendous amount of work in providing access to fresh water in rural villages, having successfully established 25 clean water wells. The UAPO also has multiple initiatives designed to create opportunity for Ugandans using the micro-enterprise model, providing training and a source of supplemental income for over 200 women through the Akola Project, which helps the women pay their children's school fees.
Cindy Thyfault, Founder and CEO of Westar Trade Resources, recently met with Blake Smith, Executive Director of The UAPO, and was highly impressed with what has already been accomplished, the organizational structure in Uganda and the USA, and the results that The UAPO is accomplishing by helping families overcome poverty and improve their quality of life.

Cindy commented, "Westar has sponsored drilling a water well in the past with another organization, but we were not provided information on the location of the well we helped to fund. What makes The UAPO unique from other clean water organizations is that The UAPO is establishing wells in places where people have had to leave their homes. This is important because the water wells allow for permanent resettlement of internal refugees after 20 years of war in Northern Uganda. In addition to the water well projects, The UAPO is involved in other initiatives that give locals a hand up by teaching them skills and entrepreneurship to create a successful micro enterprise model." 

Cindy also added, "The reason I have chosen to sponsor The UAPO is because you will know where your money is going, the project location, and have the opportunity to get involved in initiatives on the ground in Uganda, as well as visit the projects that you have personally funded. With your help, The UAPO can continue to make a difference in Uganda by giving women there a hand up through marketable skills training and demonstrating entrepreneurship benefits to the entire family."
We hope that you will consider contributing to The UAPO as we partner with Ugandan women and families. With your support The UAPO can continue transforming lives by creating much needed industry in rural villages so that willing parents can be equipped to provide for their families, and so that rural poverty will be alleviated.



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Other Community Wells Projects

Community Wells

In December 2009, Westar Trade Resources donated money to build a well capable of supplying more than 600 gallons of safe water a day for drinking, bathing, irrigating crops, and watering livestock. In countries like Malawi, a well just 60 feet deep can bring new health and life to a community of 150 people. We have did this in honor of our clients of 2009, hoping to remind everyone to give back during the holiday season.

Westar funded this project through World Vision, visit their website to find out how you can make a difference in so many people's lives across the world.