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Richard Altman - Executive Director Emeritus, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

describe the imageRich Altman is Executive Director of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI). Rich co-founded CAAFI in 2006 with Airline, Manufacturer, Airport and FAA Sponsors.

The CAAFI coalition targets alternative fuel qualification efforts via ASTM, has created a Fuel Readiness Level systems risk management, "best practice", quantified carbon life cycle benefits for multiple processes and feedstocks and  has placed aviation as lead implementer for advanced biofuels among transport sectors.  Over 20 U.S. States and multiple global partners are now engaged with CAAFI in the Development and Deployment of Sustainable Aviation Fuels.   For these efforts CAAFI received Air Transport World Award for Industry Service in 2010 and the Washington Airports Task Force (WATF) 2011 Williams Trophy for its contribution in "enriching the quality of life on earth".

Rich, a 45 year aviation industry veteran, has served as a consultant to the EU alternative fuel  program SWAFEA, authored US Transportation Research Board critical issue papers on Technology Deployment and Alternative Fuels and participates in TRB projects to foster multi-modal alternative fuels deployment. Rich has led alternative fuels participation in the Paris, Farnborough and Australian Airshows as well as the upcoming Sept. 2012 joint conference and exhibit with German counterparts (aireg) at the Berlin Airshow.