Bridging the “New Normal” in Today’s Financial Marketplace

Attracting equity capital and obtaining long-term financing is a growing challenge in today’s economy.  Many projects do not get funded simply because the developers and/or its advisors may lack the full scope of: 

  • What financing is available
  • Fail to identify the proper financing venue with all its intricacies
  • Fail to properly identify and document the proper risk mitigation strategy(s) 

Westar Trade Resources assists clients in lowering obstacles to finance and can assist in producing positive financing outcomes, including financing for capital expenditures and debt restructuring, for both large and small businesses across multiple industries. An integral part of our proprietary process is working with our clients to understand, establish, and assist in developing a business and financing strategy that identifies and overcomes risks which allows the business to obtain affordable, sustainable term financing and/or equity investment for the business and/or the projects, then to implement this strategy to achieve financing and allow the business to build and operate their projects profitabily and sustainably.

Our Track Record

Westar is an international boutique consulting firm that has assisted companies to prepare feasibility studies and loan and grant applications to obtain over $1.6 billion in grants and guaranteed loan funding from the USDA, DOE, DOD, SBA, and Export-Import Bank, as well as private funding programs.  We specialize in assisting companies with new or emerging technologies that are ready for commercial financing, and many of our clients have obtained financing for large, complex projects in the range of $100 million or more.

Some of the programs that we are currently providing assistance for include:

USDA 9003 Biorefinery, Biochemicals and Bioproducts Loan Guarantee Program - first of kind commercial

DOE Fossil and Renewable Energy Loan Guarantee Programs

USDA 9007 Rural Energy for America Grant and Loan Guarantee Program - commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

USDA Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program - commercial businesses in rural areas

SBA 7a and 504 Loan Guarantee Program - small business loans

OPIC - international commercial loans for projects in emerging markets

Please feel free to contact us if the program you are interested in applying for is not on this list.  We also work with a wide variety of grant programs not listed here.

How We Provide Value

Westar enjoys an intimate knowledge of the agriculture and energy sectors - renewables, building products, clean technologies, and oil and gas - with an extensive network of national and international experienced professionals with expertise in government funding, legal, banking, bond financing, engineering, real estate, and marketing.

Our network can also provide contacts and assistance through our extensive network for long-term feedstock and sales agreements, the introduction of compatible technologies that can increase yield and profitability, insurance products, technology risk mitigation measures, acquisition and partnership strategies, and distribution and marketing strategies that can offset a diverse set of risks that will then make a project more bankable and able to attract debt and equity financing.

How We Can Work With You

 We have a flexible retainer fee schedule, and can work with clients on a per-project contract arrangement or on an hourly fee basis as desired.  Please contact us for more information and a free, no-obligation consultation at 866-461-0851 or  Let us help you to build the bridge from where you are . . . to where you want to be.


For more information or to schedule a free, no obligation consultation about your project which includes a free potential lender review and recommendation, please contact Cindy Thyfault, CEO, Westar Trade Resources at or 866-480-4405.

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